books (novels and poetry) and uncollected stories and poetry


Six forthcoming books not included on the list.

1.  BOOKS:  novels, fantastic tales, and poetry

Novels & novellas:

  • Val/Orson (P. S. Publishing, U. K., 2009)
  • Limited edition hardcover novella series
  • "Book of the Year" for 2009, Books & Culture 
  • The Wolf Pit (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2001)
  • Paperback rights:  Harcourt / Harvest Books, 2003
  • Finalist (with Barry Hannah), The 2002 Southern Book Award of The Southern Book Critics Circle
  • The 2001 Michael Shaara Award for Civil War Fiction, U. S. Civil War Center
  • Excerpt in The Raleigh News & Observer
  • Best Books of 2001, The Anniston Star

  • Catherwood (New York:  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1996)
  • Paperback rights:  New York:   Bard (Avon Books), 1997
  • Film rights:  Stacey Title, director, and actor Jonathan Penner, 1999
  • French language rights:  L'histoire de Catherwood (Paris:  Editions Anne Carriere, 1998)
  • German language rights:  Catherwood (Hildesheim:  Claassen Verlag, 1997)
  • Spanish language rights:  En Tierras Extranas (Barcelona:  Ediciones B, 1997)
  • Book Club rights:  A Literary Guild Alternate Selection
  • Best Ten Books of 1996, The Spectator (Raleigh)
  • Best Books of 1996, The Anniston Star
  • Best Five Books of 1996, The Rocky Mountain News


  • Little Jordan (Boston:  David R. Godine, Publisher, 1995)
  • Paperback rights:  New York:  Tempest (Avon Books), 1999
  • French language rights:  Lemeac Editeur (Montreal) 2000
  • Chapter 1 appeared in Carolina Quarterly, Winter 1995
  • Excerpts in Andrea Johnston, Girls Speak Out ed. Gloria Steinem (New York:  Scholastic Press, 1997)

Fantasy for young readers:

  • Ingledove (New York:  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2005)
  • Paperback rights: Firebird (Penguin Group USA,  November, 2006)
  • Chinese (complex characters) rights: Sharp Point Press, Taiwan
  • Best YA fiction of 2005, The Baton Rouge Advocate
  • The Curse of the Raven Mocker (New York:  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003)
  • Paperback rights:  Firebird (Penguin Group USA, November, 2006)
  • Best Children's Book of 2003, The Baton Rouge Advocate
  • Top Ten Books of 2003, Books & Culture
  • Interview:  Bes Stark Spangler, "Adantis, Land of Melded Cultures," North Carolina Literary Review  no. 13 (2004)


  • The Throne of Psyche (Macon, Georgia:  Mercer University Press), 2011

  • Claire (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2003
  • Paperback rights:  Claire (Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 2003)
  • Introduction and excerpt in The Raleigh News & Observer
    Some poems from this book may be viewed at The Hyper Texts.
  • All the poems in this book saw prior publication, including many reprints.


  • “A Child in Summer,” Story Quarterly 22 (1986)
  • Reprinted in This is How We Live, ed. Michael McFee (The University of North Carolina, 2000)
  • “A Map of the Forest,” Blue Moon Café IV [anthology](San Francisco:  MacAdam/Cage, 2005)
  • “An Incident at Agate Beach,” Argosy Quarterly, 3 (2005)
  • Reprint in Northwest Passages:  A Cascadian Odyssey (Port Orchard, Washington: Windstorm Creative, 2005)
  • Reprint in Year’s Best in Fantasy and Horror, (New York:  St. Martin’s Griffin, 2006)
  • “Compass of Dreams,” Louisiana Literature, 7:1 (1990)
  • “Concealment Shoes,” Salon Fantastique, edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling (New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2006) Locus Recommended Reading, 2006 
  • “Drunk Bay,” Postscripts (UK), Issue 13, 2007
  • “Matreshka,” Fantasy Magazine, (4) 2006
  • “Nana,” Southern Humanities Review, 23:1 (1989)
  • “Power & Magic,” forthcoming in the third Firebirds anthology, Firebirds Soaring, ed. Sharyn November, 2009
  • “Prolegomenon to The Adventures of Childe Phoenix,” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, no. 20 (2007)
  • “Rain Flower Pebbles,” Postscripts (UK), no. 17 Winter 2008
  • “Seven Crooked Tinies,” Fantasy Magazine (6) 2007
  • “Static” in Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology, ed. Nick Gevers (U.K./U.S.: Solaris Books, 2008) 
  • “Tall Jorinda,” Capitol: The Magazine of New York’s Capitol Region 5: 7 (July 1989).  Capitol Magazine chose "Tall Jorinda" for its 1989 New Writer’s Award of a thousand dollars, publication, and a reading at The Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, New York
  • Reprint, Strange Horizons, 28 November 2005
  • “The Angel with the Broken Face,” Mars Hill Review, 25 (2005)
  • “The Balsam Spirit,” Southern Humanities Review 25:1 (1991)  Theodore Hoepfner prize for the year’s best story,Southern Humanities Review, 1991
  • “The Boolu Lady,” Southern Humanities Review, 21:4 (1987) Theodore Hoepfner prize for the year’s best story, Southern Humanities Review, 1987
  • “The Chinese Room,” We Think, Therefore We Are, ed. Pete Crowther (DAW Books, 2009)
  • “The Comb,” Fantasy Magazine, no. 7 (2007)
  • Reprint in Fantasy: The Best of the Year, ed. Rich Horton (Prime Books, 2008)
  • “The Dawn Walker,” Fantasy Magazine, 3 (Summer 2006)
  • “The Deaf Girl,” in The Raleigh News & Observer, March 5, 2000
  • “The Flower Notebook” in Carolina Quarterly 48: 2  (1995)
  • “The Four Directions” in Last Drink Bird Head, ed. Jeff Vandermeer, Ministry of Whimsy (2009) 
  • “The Fossil Bed,” The South Carolina Review 24:1 (1991)
  • “The Gate House,” Argosy Quarterly, 4, forthcoming
  • “The Geode” in Electric Velocipede 11 (2006)
  • “The Girl in the Fabrilon,” SCIFICTION, Spring 2005, May 11
  • "The Grave Reflection," Ghosts by Gaslight, ed. Nick Gevers and Jack Dann, forthcoming
  •  "The Horse Angel," Edison's Frankenstein: Postscripts Anthology 20/21 (U.K.), 2009; Locus Recommended Reading, 2009
  • “The Pilgrim Soul,” collaborative event with painter Makoto Fujimura at Yale Divinity School, May 2007
  • "The Red King's Sleep," Postscripts Quarterly Anthology(U. K.), 2009
  • “The Salt Garden,” Kansas Quarterly 21: 1-2 (1989)
  • “The Salamander Fire,” The Beastly Bride, eds. E. Datlow & T. Windling, forthcoming, (Viking, 2010)
  • “The Seven Mirrors,” forthcoming in an anthology of novellas from Prime Books
  • “The Smaragdine Knot,” Logorrhea:  Good Words Make Good Stories,ed. John Klima, (Bantam Books, 2007)
  • “The Stone Baby,” The South Carolina Review 24: 1 (1991)        
  • “Winter’s Bride,” in The Raleigh News & Observer, March 25, 2001


For a selected list of poems in zines, anthologies, and journals, please go to the poetry page.

Selected Fellowships & Awards

  • The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
  • Writer-in-Residence, Hollins University, 2010  
  • Yaddo, 2007 
  • The New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship, 1991 
  • Theodore Hoepfner awards (2) for the best short story of the year in The Southern Humanities Review
  • Capital Magazine (Albany) “New Writers” award
  • The Michael Shaara Award of The United States Civil War Center (Louisiana State University) for The Wolf Pit, 2001
  • Short list (along with Barry Hannah), The 2002 Southern Book Award of The Southern Book Critics Circle


        Everything about Marly Youmans that matters can be found out by reading her stories and poems.

          However, the shortcut version is this:  Marly’s parents came from Georgia, and she was born over the state line in Aiken, South Carolina.  Growing up, she lived in many places but favorites were the Carolinas, plus Gramercy and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In Gramercy she spoke Cajun French (which, alas, she has forgotten), fished, wore live green-and-pink lizard earrings, and grew a magical garden that grew into the trees--fed by sugar slag from the local refinery where her father was a chemist.  When she lived up north, her teacher thought that she must be mentally defective, a drawl indicating some general torpor in thought processes! The place where she has had the longest ties is Cullowhee, North Carolina, where her mother and father retired from Western Carolina University as Head of Serials at Hunter Library and Professor of Analytical Chemistry; she still visits at least twice a year. Currently she lives in New York, a place that is a bit like the Snow Queen’s palace:  too cold for mortals and, although still on the Appalachian spine, too far away from the Carolinas.  Marly is married (of course--why else would she be living in a Yankee snow drift?) and the mother of two sons and a daughter; she writes when she is not ferrying children.





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